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Its a fact of life for every parent that with the advent of a new school term comes the conundrum about shoes. The number one question most parents ask is:

Will these shoes last a whole school year?

In most cases they don’t see out a term let alone the whole eleven months of the academic calendar. Given the current economic climate we find ourselves in today, the cost of replacing school shoes sometimes once, twice, up to six times in a year is a cost that is increasingly difficult to justify.  

Now for the first time, right here is a site that delivers a shoe range with the essential blend of style, cool and most importantly long lasting toughness that will appeal to both your child's fashion sense and your pocket.

Pick from well known tough brands such as  Dr Marten, Ricosta, Toughees and Geox . Brands that are respected by parents that are in the know when it comes to savvy shoe buying!

Tough Boys School Shoes

Boys School Shoes

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Cool shoes that will outlast playground footballers, tree climbers and all round wear and tear that only boys seem to deliver!

Tough Girls School Shoes

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Stylish footwear that looks fabulous but can play hard if required. A perfect balance of elegance and longevity.

Tough Toddler Shoes

Toddler Shoes

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For the smallest people in your family, a range of shoes for boys and girls that will keep them comfortable in all weathers and all types of play

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Girls School Shoes